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10 Most Affordable States for Seniors

Oklahoma has been deemed the most affordable state in the nation for seniors, in a new ranking that looked at both the costs and accessibility of care and services.

The Sooner State ranked third overall for the average cost of senior care in the list from, a web platform that connects consumers with senior housing and care providers. To calculate the affordability score, the researchers used internal data as well as the 2017 Cost of Care report from insurer Genworth.

Oklahoma’s median annual cost for an in-home care aide clocked in at about $48,000. That’s slightly less than the national median of $49,188, as per the Genworth data. At $36,390, the annual media cost for assisted living facility care in Oklahoma is $8,000 less than the national median. The numbers are even more striking from nursing home care. In Oklahoma, the annual median cost for a nursing home is $53,655, which is more than $32,000 less than the national median.

Fur complete article click here.

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