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5 Common Myths about Home Care

The Truth About Home Care Many people don’t understand what home care is. Those who do often have a lot of misconceptions. Let’s put some of those misconceptions and myths to rest.

1) Home Care is Expensive

Many families are intimidated by the cost of home care. Yes home care can be expensive, but many times when we are talking to families they don't realize all of the services that we can provide and weighing the expense of home care vs. moving to an assisted living or nursing home. We encourage you to contact our office and visit with our team to evaluate your situation and where we might be able to assist.

2) Home Care means Around the Clock Care

At ComPassion at Home we are staffed and able to provide services that range from 2 hrs per day up to 24 hrs per day. We can assist with many Activities of Daily Living, but that doesn't require around the clock care. Many of our clients start out with 2-3 hrs per day and either maintain that level of service or increase hours over time.

3) It's Only Needed for the Ill

One of our main goals at ComPassion at Home is to keep you independent as long as you are safe and able. Hospital/Rehab stays can be expensive and physically/emotionally draining on a client and their family. We can assist in the recovery process, but you don't need to be ill to start services with us. Many of our clients utilize our services 2-3 hrs/day to assist with cooking/cleaning/errand running, or transportation. You don't need to be ill for us to assist with these types of activities.

4) I Have No Say About who My Caregiver Is

At ComPassion at Home we will you with one of our experienced caregiver that has similar interests, male/female, age, and background. All of our caregivers have been screened, trained, bonded and insured. We also conduct background and reference checks on all of our caregivers, and offer flexibility in setting up a schedule. ComPassion at Home also offers back-up and replacement caregivers.

5) All Companies Are the Same

Not true. In this industry there are many things that set companies/caregivers apart. At ComPassion at Home you will receive a professional service for an employee that has been trained, screened, and experienced. Many families simply "shop rates", when evaluating price make sure you understand what you are paying for. Caregivers can be grouped into three different categories including agency employee, independent contractor with a registry and independent caregivers. Most agencies hire caregivers who are screened, trained, bonded and insured. The agency pays the caregivers and handles all taxes and other employment obligations such as worker’s compensation, liability coverage and performance issues.

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